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Name: Matthias Rothe <contact>
Classes: 1
Country: Germany Germany
Age: 42
All time rank: 121877 in Germany Germany
Week rank: 246 Up12 in Germany Germany Up
All time users: 2584
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  Files folder image Advanced Array Sort  
Sorts multidimensional arrays by multiple columns
This class sorts two- or multidimensional arrays by one or multiple columns. The assumed array format is always [row][column]([property]).

Sorting works ascending as well as descending.

There are no limits to either the dimensions of the array or the columns it is sorted by.

All that's necessary to pass to the class is the array to be sorted and a sort string specifying how the array is to be sorted. This sort string is checked for syntactical and semantical errors. Should any error occur an appropriate error message is returned.
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