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Subject:mysql date formatting
Summary:Incorrect date value
Author:Paul Beaudoin
Date:2021-11-22 00:45:48
Update:2024-05-24 08:14:39

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Picture of Paul Beaudoin Paul Beaudoin - 2021-11-22 00:45:48

I am getting the above error when applying this statement using php:
$query = "insert into xxxsbr.bnk_tmp set Account = '".$wacct."',Date='".$msdate."',Reference ='".$msref."',Amount='".$msamt."',Category='".$mscat."'";

Which translates to this:

insert into xxxsbr.bnk_tmp set Account = 'HCJN',Date='2021-11-15',Reference ='xxx-AUTHPBPYEFZEFT',Amount='-146.36',Category=''

and it fails in the php code with 'Incorrect Date Value' in the Date field.

It looks correct to me and if I cut and paste it into the MYSQL console, it works.

This should be simple and it escapes me.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Some detail:
This is under WAMPServer, Windows 10. PHP 7, MYSQL 5. All up to date.

Many thanks


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