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New package rating system and PHP classes contests

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Finally I made time to implement a package rating system for the packages that all authors have contributed to the PHP classes site.

This will allow the users to find the best classes made available in the site. This is especially important because not only the users will not spend so much time evaluating many similar packages, but will also encourage authors to provide more and better classes in criteria that matter to most users.

The users will be able to rate the classes in 5 criteria: utility, consistency, documentation, examples and test scripts. The last three criteria will only be rateable if the authors have provided files with the respective roles, ie: documentation, examples and test scripts.

Specifying the file roles was only made available some time ago. So, older packages do not have the roles assigned to them and so users may not rate the packages according to these criteria.

If you have classes with files that do not have the roles assigned, please edit each of the files to set their roles. When you do that, please make sure that the notify users flag in the file edit form is not set to prevent sending notification messages to the users.

As a consequence of having your classes rated by the users it will be possible to organize programming contests based on the user acceptance of your work. That will provide a democratic and fraud proof way to give every author a change to gain some compensation and recognition for their work.

Soon, I will be announcing a contest that is going to be organized by another site well known to the PHP community. To make that happen the PHP Classes site will have to share the ratings information of each class and also of the authors. However, the PHP Classes site will only share your personal details only with your explicit authorization.

So, if you want to participate in the upcoming programming contests, please login the user options page and check the option where you declare that you want to enter in programming contests and allow to share your personal details with the organizations of the contests.

You will receive more information once the contests are ready to start. Until then, checking the participation option is all you have to do.

Your packages still will be rateable even if you are not interested to participate in the contests. Later I will also have new top ranking charts based on the user ratings of your packages.

Keep up contribution with more a better classes because all your past and future contributions can be rated and qualify to participate in contests if you want.

Manuel Lemos

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