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October PHP Events, Customize PHP Composer Hooks, Make WordPress Host a Podcast - 6 minutes - Lately in PHP 96

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Updated on: 2023-09-27

Posted on: 2023-09-21

Viewers: 76 (September 2023 until December 2023)

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Categories: PHP Tutorials, PHP User Groups, Lately in PHP Podcast, PHP community, Events

On the Lately in PHP 96 podcast you will learn in 3 minutes about October PHP Events, Customize PHP Composer Hooks, Make WordPress Host a Podcast.

Read this article, watch a 3-minute video, or listen to episode 96 audio of the Lately in PHP podcast to learn about the best articles published on the PHP Classes site in the week of September 10 through September 16.

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What was said in the podcast

Hello, welcome to the Lately in PHP podcast. This is episode 96. And we are going to continue to use a simple format that is very brief, just a few minutes. And you'll know about the latest articles about interesting topics for PHP developers around the world.

1. PHP Conference 2023 Calendar of October of User Group Meetings and Conferences

So we are going to start precisely by this article that lists events that will happen around the world for PHP developers.

There are conferences and user group meetings. You will find in this article the countries, the cities, the name of the events, the organizers, and the dates, so you can plan ahead if you are going to attend, where you can buy tickets, and you can even find out what will be the side happenings that will happen in those events.

You will be able to learn from other developers and also share knowledge. Maybe you can even find more work opportunities, so you can make more money from your activity as a PHP developer.

So do not waste more time. Just go to these event pages of their sites, so you can book tickets just in time to attend those events.

2. How to Customize a PHP Composer Install Using Hook Functions To Execute Actions After a Package Installation or an Update

Next we are going to comment briefly about another interesting article about customization of the PHP composer installation or update process.

This is about a package that allows you to customize the hooks that PHP composer calls after the installation and the update process. It is not a very trivial topic but this package makes it simple for you.

4. How to Turn a WordPress Site into A Podcast Site Using a Wordpress Podcast Theme

Finally, we're going to just comment briefly about another article about a package that can help you to turn your WordPress site into a podcast site.

If you record a podcast for instance, like this that you are watching, you can use a theme that is provided by a contributor of the PHP classes site. And you will be able to learn how to quickly install this theme and start a podcast.

This  podcast that you are watching was developed for the PHP Classes site. It was not trivial because it was a long time effort and we did it from scratch. We do not recommend you to do this if you are in a rush and want to start a podcast in your WordPress site very quickly. We do not use WordPress. 

WordPress is a great idea because it has a lot of components and themes that you can use to install new features in your WordPress site, like a podcast, very quickly.

4. Conclusion

So with this that's all for this week. Thank you for watching. I hope you have liked it. The links to these articles are around the video page that you may be seeing.

And next week we will have more of these articles, as we learned that they are well appreciated. They are very brief as you may have seen. And I hope you also have liked this format. From  me, that's all. For now, see you next week. Bye.

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