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Future of PDO, PHP Classes Ideas, Scan Documents into PDF, Tools for Code Quality - 3 minutes - Lately in PHP 95

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Updated on: 2023-09-12

Posted on: 2023-09-12

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Categories: PHP Tutorials, Lately in PHP Podcast

The Lately in PHP podcast is back with a new format that is more direct to the point, thanks to the feedback from our audience.

Read this article, watch a 3-minute video, or listen to episode 95 of the Lately in PHP podcast to learn about the best articles published on the PHP Classes site in the week of September 3 through September 9.

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What was said in the podcast

Hello. Welcome to the Lately in PHP podcast. This is episode 95, and today, we are going to start a new format that is more direct to the point, very brief, just a few minutes at most.

How PHP PDO Driver Classes Will Improve in Future PHP Versions

So we are going to start exactly from the article that you are seeing, which is the first of this week.
Basically, it talks about the future of the PDO extension, specifically of driver-specific

There are some improvements for the upcoming new PHP versions. You can read more on this article. The link to the actual article will be around this video page.

How to Have Better Ideas to Developer New PHP Classes in 5 Steps

Next, we have another article about how to have better ideas to develop new classes just in five steps. Basically, this is an advice given by Daniel Alan Guerrero Matamoros. I hope I'm pronouncing his name correctly.

And he gives some nice advice for you who are interested to publish classes in PHP classes or any other site, and you want those classes to have great success. So he gives very nice advice. zzzTake a look at the article to read more details about this interesting article.

How to Use a PHP Document Scanner That Can Convert Printed Documents to PDF and Works in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

Next, we have another interesting article. This time, it's about scanning printed documents.

Basically, you can use a scanner, but you also need to have some software that interfaces with a scanner, and this is about a PHP package that uses NAPS2, which is a program that exists for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and you can use this program using this class to call the program and do the scanning process to extract a PDF document.

How to Use PHP Tools to Learn How to Use the PHP Best Code Practices

Finally, we have an article about good coding practices for PHP. Well, this is something that some people use, and others don't. This is just advice you use the tools that are recommended on this article or not. It's up to you.

Basically it describes the benefits of using several tools like PHPUnit, PHPLoc, PHP Code Sniffer, PHP
Copy and Paste Detector, PHP Mess Detector and also some great recommendations from one of our greatest contributors Haseeb Ahmad Basil from Pakistan.


So basically this is all for this week. I hope to see you next week with more on the latest articles, tutorial articles, notable packages and any other articles about the PHP present and future. That's all for now.


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